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IBR Boiler

Boiler is used for steam generating purposes in oil mills. We offer industrial boiler, vertical boiler, horizontal boiler, metal boiler, stainless steel boiler and steam boiler.
Oil / Gas Fired Boilers :-

The hottest selling packaged oil/gas/diesel fired boilers are undoubtedly the SPD -series MBPL. The boiler is packed with a host of features such as the unique ‘Circlo Flame’ burner. This fourth generation burner delivers a combustion efficiency of over 99.99% & can be handled & maintained by any operator.

Most efficiency trials conducted on this boiler have far exceeded the ‘Normal’ acceptable efficiency levels for boilers. Against an acceptable of 80-82% efficiency by the petroleum Conversation Research Association, the SPD series converts with an economiser. Another distinctive advantage is the steam dryness of +5%.
After Sale Service :-
24 hours Mobile Help Line Service is available to solve any breakdown problems by experienced engineers & technocrats.

Coal / Wood – Fired Boilers :-
Coal / Wood fired boilers manufactured by us meet the market need of manual stoker firing with low initial cost. Simplicity of operation & ability to handle inferior coals are its prime features.

The boilers are an improvement over the conventional boilers by incorporating wet back chambers, Multiple passes, etc, thus leading to higher efficiency.
Fluidised bed Combustion Boilers :-
MBPL introduced Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) boilers in a unique shell boiler of its kind, the boiler exhausts flue gases at just 10o deg C above .
Material of Construction:-
Plates BQ ASTM 516/

Code of Construction :-
Misra Group manufactures all – -welded design Packaged Boilers in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) & other international Codes like BS-2790 & ISO-R 831. Boiler quality plates are used & strict quality control checks are enforced for stage wise inspection of all boilers during manufacturing. All welding seams are 100% radiographed to ensure best quality. These shell type Boilers are in Horizontal construction having 3-pass arrangement to ensure good fuel efficiency. First pass is through the furnace which is welded to the front tube plate of the boiler & to the reversing combustion which is firmly supported on the rear tube plate by stay bars. Large furnace volume is provided for complete combustion & heat absorption. There are two passes of smoke tubes constituting the second & third pass of the boiler. The main -hole & carefully placed hand-holes are provided for easy inspection & maintenance. Hinged doors are provided at front & rear ends of the boiler to give easy access for inspection, cleaning & replacement of tubes. Efficiency upto 85% in Dry Back. 90% in Wet Back Smoke Tube Boiler, in practical@Moisture/Dust particles 3% to 5%, Price recovered within one year by Fuel Savings.

Water Wall

Salient Features of IBR – Boiler :

  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Fludished bed combustion.
  • Dry steam with high temp.
  • Higher free board space & larger combustion volume.
  • Larger water holding & steam space.
  • Expandable.
  • Minimum refractory in furnace.
  • Easy in operation & maintenance.
  • Multi fuel options.
  • Minimum radiation losses.
  • High effective heat transfer area.
  • Customize design

Water Wall

  • Dumping grate for begasse firing.
  • Steam super heater for co-generation.
  • In bed tubes for capacity enhancement.
  • Over-bed / Under bed feeding.